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Fancy Bee Bow Co.

Greatest Small Shop Around! 

Evalie, Sissy, Homegirl, our smiley, dimply chunk has been a brand rep for Fancy Bee Bow Co. since she was a month old so... we have reached our one year mark on her little adventure. We are in LOVE with this shop, the bows are amazing both fabric and ribbon. The shirts, both adult and kiddos are phenomenal, they fit and the detail on the shirts lasts the longest from any small shop I have ever seen. Not to mention the owner, Katie, is one of the sweetest humans I have ever met, and a very dear friend of ours now also! 

Katie will happily do customs of any kind for you, your family, or even as gifts and let me tell you she kills it. The outfit Evalie wore for her first birthday was a complete custom, you can see that in her bio picture on our "The Homies" page, seriously amazed by the work that she can do. 

Be sure to check out the site to the left and message the shop for any customs, kids to adults the options are truly endless! 

Code Evalie10 will save you on all orders! 


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