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A Mama & her Homies

We're just keepin' it real

Welcome to A Mama & her Homies a place where you get to hear all about the whacked out things that happen to me and my Homies each day.

Some days we get it right, some days we don't and some days there is pee on the floor, but every day we're keepin' it real.

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WonderWoman... No One Fights Alone...

I have the cutest little WonderWoman in Training and I hope that one day she can be as inspirational to any amount of people as one very close friend is to me. I also hope our WonderWoman in Training can be that piece of inspiration for someone without even knowing she is or even trying to be. People come in and out of our lives for all sorts of reasons. Some are here for a short while before they move on and stop communication and some are here for the long haul. I was bless

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Thank you for stopping by and having a read with A Mama & her Homies where we're keepin' it real! 

Because we like to keep it real, if there is something you want to see a post about or have questions about please submit the form to the right (or send us an email) and you just might see your post suggestion on the website! 

Thanks for spending some time with me and my Homies! 

Photo Credit: Becky Draeger & MMC Photography

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