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“It’s Okay Mama I still Love You…”

Oh what it must be like to have absolutely zero filter and follow up all your comments with a dimply smile… this kid could probably get away with murder when he flashes his full dimples…

Evalie was a ball of energy this evening and up later than she normally is so she decided it would be super fun to belly flop on and over Mama for an hour. Every once in awhile she would give Mama a break and belly flop onto her Bubba…

As I laid on the floor with my head on a pouf and Rhett next to me, with Evalie giggling up a storm belly flopping onto me Rhett’s caring, loving and completely unfiltered 3 year old logic came out. ”Sissy! No, no you cannot do that to Mama! You’re gunna hurt the baby!”

Excuse me young man… what the heck did you just say!? After Sissy got up and walked over to the bouncing puppy toy Rhett sat there with his hand on my belly… me confused as hell asked him why he said there was a baby in my belly.

His response, “Well, because Mama there’s a baby in there…there has to be!”

I sat there confused and wondering if he knew something I didn’t…and then asked “Rhett do you think there is a baby in there because Mama’s belly is sticking out!?” His unfiltered response, “Yes, Mama there has to be a baby in there”.

As I rolled my eyes at him, I proceeded to tell him that there was no baby and followed that up with, “Soooo you think Mama is fat then don’t you?” My sweet sweet Rhett responded with, “Yes, mama I do. But it’s okay, I still love you.” As he’s patting my belly...

We’re just keepin’ it real…


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