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Life Happens...

Ya'll... it has been a hot minute since I have posted. Time is flying by but going so so slow all at the same time, ya feel me? Probably not because that doesn't really make sense...

But anywho... here is a lowdown of what has happened in the last two months so maybe... just maybe... we can all be caught up!

Work has been absolutely insane to the point that I don't hardly ever know what day of the week it is. I often spill coffee on myself... which honestly is most often while I am turning my Yeti up to drink it... how I tip it to far and spill all over myself while I am drinking... I have yet to figure that out... and it keeps happening (this is where I insert an very large sigh and eyeroll at myself whilst typing).

The kids... well... they are still alive so that is a plus... right!?!? They're cuter than ever, I know they're my kids so of course I am going to say that. Rhett will have dad call me during the work day and he will say "Mama... do you want to cuddle tonight?" and it just melts my heart. I of course always say yes and we of course hardly ever do that because he cannot sit still... but... its the thought that counts right!?!?!? Evalie... she is slowly and I mean slooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly getting her molars in so that has been rough... she normally sleeps the night and is happy/crazy all the time and that has been a little off the last couple of months. Nothing too too terrible BUT nevertheless still not my complete version of Evalie that we know and love. However, she does have the tiniest piece of one of the top molars that cut through so I can see the tooth... or the light... actually I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel... her teeth feel like they take YEARS to come in.

We took our FIRST family of 4 vacation! Well.. it was more like... man I don't even know how to explain it! When we look at it overall it was GREAT truly. The memories made were probably better than anything and the kids will remember only the good parts. However, I don't recommend what we did to anyone with kiddos that are 3 and 1! We took a road trip down to Kentucky which is approximately 11 hours away from where we live... never again, we attempted to do 8 hours in the car the first day and that was awful. The kids got super anxious and needed to let out energy and there just wasn't enough room to do that in the hotels we stayed over night at from location to the next until we got to our final destination in Lexington, KY where the wedding was at. We stopped in Indiana and then stayed overnight in Louisville, which was amazing. We went to the slugger museum where Rhett decided he wanted to be a baseball player, we ate bourbon chocolate. I do believe that the Louisville Zoo was probably the greatest day ever for the kids. Rhett loves animals and Evalie just likes to run no matter what so that was an awesome and tiring day. I've been to zoos many times in my life but NEVER have I ever heard an animal actually make their "noise" while at the zoo. We were by the tigers at the Zoo and she decided to roar and it was literally the coolest thing I have ever seen or heard! Rhett was pretty excited and Evalie was caught by surprise but they LOVED every minute of it.

When we finally made it to Lexington we were so surprised, I am not entirely sure what we were expecting but there were TONS of people and the countryside was beautiful! We rented an Airbnb in Lexington and I will never do that again. It was pretty terrible. Or rather I would Airbnb again but with a SuperHost only which this person was not one and just wasn't the greatest. Their cleaner was still in the unit after our allowed check in time and then lied to the host even though I had pictures and proof. THEN the shower, oh my goodness, the shower was... something. You had to find the SWEET SPOT, who the heck needs to find the shower's SWEET SPOT just to get it to SHUT OFF!?!? Apparently we did. It took 2 hours to cook breakfast that ended up being sausage links in the kitchen because the stove was terrible... good thing we had a beautiful wedding to attend one of the evenings we were there and got to hang out and meet new people and explore downtown Lexington nightlife. It was truly amazing.

We then made the trek back home after the wedding and it was so so so nice to be able to sleep in our own house and be around our own things! I don't know about you other parents reading this but my kids have literally NEVER slept better than they did that first night back home! They slept in the next morning and it was just wonderful, they love running around in the backyard and they know, in our chaotic mess of a house, exactly where everything is.

I think that brings us pretty much up to date...


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