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Sometimes we just have to dance...

Do you ever just have that one movie or maybe even multiple movies that just make you feel better? The soundtrack might be phenomenal, or the lines are written hilariously so all you can do is laugh when you watch it, or maybe it is even a feel good movie who knows... but you know when you have had a day... and I mean like a true DAY where you almost wish you could just crawl back into bed and start all over... but then you also rethink that just because what if it ends up worse?

I know you feel me and what I am sayin'!

Monday's always seem to be that day... you always want to start the day and the week off wonderfully but somehow... as a dear friend often says to me "Mondays always get a bad rap" she's not wrong but they certainly haven't been my friend lately or just everything seems to not be going great, ya know what I mean, you get into a funk and then it takes a while to get out of it. You still find the good in things but... when it rains it pours right?

Wrong!... At least when you think about things in the life of a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I often compare my life to children's movies, so some days... I would very much like to be a "Punch Monkey" (if you don't know what this is please stop reading this blog and go watch the Croods 2 literally right now... then come back and finish this). Who wouldn't want to be a Punch Monkey, it may not be the "healthiest" thing but some days it just seems like it might be easier to communicate with punches than it does any other way; A Punch Monkey has all types of conversations via punches... most often to the face for communication, seems pretty legit to me as an adult... this is me shrugging my shoulders as I type this. A Punch Monkey far outweighs being an angry Kangadillo if you ask me... (still go watch the movie if you are completely lost because its amazing).

On the days, weeks, or months where being a Punch Monkey isn't realistic then I turn to my kiddos, and live life through them, they get over things so quickly or rather through things so quickly, why can't I be more like that? Maybe its because I've been around for an eternity... or rather my three year old thinks I have been at least. Or maybe its because my brain has developed a lot more than theirs has, more like just a little more than theirs has.. but I often analyze things far too much instead of just being present. Heck one minute I am getting yelled at for not turning Blippi on fast enough and the next I'm hearing "Mommy I love you" and of course as a human being with even the smallest of hearts I melt into a puddle with how quickly bad went to good.

Whatever the reason may be that I, as an adult, cannot get past things as quickly as my toddlers can, I sure do look up to those tiny little people. They accept it as it is and they move on. They get mad and then its over, they get sad and then its over, they get happy and that tends to stay longer than any emotion. So after a rough day, we say cheese with food in our mouths, we practice our Super Hero face and moves, and we D.A.N.C.E to literally the one and only

soundtrack that we LIVE BY in our house... so thank you Anna Kendrick, we rock out daily to all the greatest upbeat songs on the original Trolls Soundtrack... I can learn a dance move or two from Evalie also because she is literally amazing and doesn't have a care in the world... I'm going to have to watch out for her...

"Sunshine Day, Everybody's Laughing, Sunshine Day, Everybody's singing, Sunshine Day" - (Anna Kendrick / Sunshine Day/Move Your Feet)

...we're keepin' it real


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