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Superheroes Are…

Superheroes are life if you ask Rhett. If he could be Spider-Man and Captain America everyday of his life he would be. Somedays he literally is Spider-Man to the point that I cannot walk into any room without being webbed by him. Even though he wants to be Spider-Man if you ask him one of his ultimate favorites is Captain Marvel, which as a Mama my heart absolutely loves that!

Of course he has every kid’s generic answer of Daddy and Mama are my superheroes too, and one day maybe he will truly understand what it means to be a superhero or any type of hero at all. He can aspire to be anything that he wants to be and he truly believes that will be Spider-Man and I am and will be very proud of him but I hope he grows up to have some heroes like his Mama has.

The type of heroes that don’t wear masks, capes, shields or armor at least not “visible” ones. I’m talking those secret superheroes the ones that are right next to you half the time and you don’t even know it. The ones with a smile on their face that are going through something fierce and you probably don’t even know it. The ones that are battling something you don’t even think you could handle on your best of days but still have a smile and a positive attitude. The ones that don’t even know how incredibly inspirational, special, strong, needed and just down right effing amazing they are.

I hope one day my kiddos find themselves having people in their lives that make them better humans, strengthen their weakness and help them to appreciate everyone’s differences and to help them just flat out see the beauty in the world and life in general.

Life is precious, it is great and it is hard but we each have our superheroes and the best superheroes to have are the ones that don’t even know that it’s them. They’re that special type of superhero, the one that doesn’t get told nearly enough how amazing they are.

Here’s to hoping that you might be that special superhero to someone or rather that you’re someone’s Captain Marvel.

Strive to be Captain Marvel in a world full of Spider-Men…

We’re just keepin’ it real.


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