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Waffle Iron slowdown…

Okay everyone it has been an insane couple of weeks… not a good insane… not a bad insane…just a busy insane. I still feel like I haven’t been able to catch my breathe and honestly I‘m not sure which way is up lately!

Work has been keeping me super busy along with my “normal” life of being a mama to two crazy toddlers. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose and lately I’m just happy we all end the day alive 🤷🏼‍♀️, that’s a win for sure in my book as I’m sure it is for a lot of parents some days!

I thought once I hit Friday that I would be able to slow down and take a “break”, not that I really know what those are as a mama, am I right!? Break…my heart and brain maybe was more like it! After what felt like a week of work that took a year to get to the end of… I pulled into my driveway as my gas light went on…no big deal, I was home…except I sat there for 5 minutes in the hot hot car, mind you it’s approximately 90 degrees out! I kept thinking to myself why in the world is my gas light coming on when I have 90 miles too empty…do you remember me

just saying it was like 90 degrees out when I got home from work on Friday!?!? Did you catch that… my unintelligent self had been reading the temperature as my “miles to empty“ THE ENTIRE WEEK! I called myself not so smart and got out of the car to go hang out with a three year old and a one year old that I promise we’re much smarter than me on Friday!

Fast forward a few hours to breakfast on Saturday. Today would be the day that I got a “break” and could reset. I was making BIG waffles for breakfast, as Rhett asked for them ever so politely! Also BIG waffles are just homemade and not the Eggos that he gets during the week with good ole Homeboy! I’m calling everyone too the table as breakfast is done and I pulled the last waffle off of the waffle iron, I leave the top up so the iron itself can cool down and I reached around the iron to unplug the cord from the outlet…$@!$@$!$!@$@&!&@@&&!!!!!!!!! Literally all the bad things you can think of came out of my mouth and I pushed Shane out of the way and got my arm into room temp water as I had officially burned my UPPER ARM on the waffle iron! Who in the world does that!? Me, I do the same person that read the temperature in the car as the miles to empty for her gas tank. World 2 - Mama 0… things were not going well…

Sunday at least Homeboy was home and it wasn’t 2 strong tiny humans against 1 weak Mama the playing field was more even! We made it through for the most part so things were looking up, right!?

Wrong! Fast forward to Monday afternoon! At my place of work we have single individual public bathrooms, we don’t have public bathrooms like Target or Kohl’s where there are multiple stalls in one big room. So, at work you go into the bathroom, lock the door, do what you gotta do, wash up and walk out…seems pretty simple and like common sense stuff right there… well remember this Mama burned the top of her arm on a waffle iron… being busy at work I frantically ran to the bathroom so I didn’t have an accident as I was in the middle of something and wanted to finish my work before I forgot what I was doing, as that happens a lot lately! So, as I approach the nearest bathroom, which is also in a high traffic area, I opened the door and processed to the toilet so that I didn’t pee my pants… as I am peeing I look up and am facing the door and I immediately panic! I was so consumed with NOT PEEING MY PANTS that I DIDN'T LOCK THE DOOR! Newsflash…biggest fear at work is not locking the door behind me! Here I sit panicking that some other co-worker is going to open the door and come face to face with me in my most vulnerable of moments… so what do I do!? Do I… try to stop, hold it and waddle over to the door to lock it!? Or do I try to pee faster and pray no one comes in!? The second option seemed to me the cleaner option to me so I peed faster…literally as fast as I could, washed my hands and walked ever so quickly back to my desk…Even though no one opened the door on me I sure felt like someone was about to and I wasn’t going to risk it!

Tomorrow is a new day, it has to be better… right!?

We’re just keepin’ it real


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