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WonderWoman... No One Fights Alone...

I have the cutest little WonderWoman in Training and I hope that one day she can be as inspirational to any amount of people as one very close friend is to me. I also hope our WonderWoman in Training can be that piece of inspiration for someone without even knowing she is or even trying to be.

People come in and out of our lives for all sorts of reasons. Some are here for a short while before they move on and stop communication and some are here for the long haul. I was blessed with the absolute greatest work family anyone could ask for two and a half years ago. I have never had a closer knit work family than this one and the bond we have got even stronger in 2021 when one of our own needed us more than she ever thought she would. Or rather... we didn't really give her the option but to allow us to be there for her!

Just when we thought our "world" was getting back to some sense of normalcy it was turned right back upside down when of of our own was put into a battle she never thought she would be in. Breast Cancer.

It is one of those things where you know people are going through it and it is awful and unimaginable and then it happens to you or someone you are close with and then its like... how in the hell did we get here? So many questions left unanswered and so many emotions involved with everyone, the person diagnosed, the family, the friends, the entire circle of that human being is affected in a plethora of ways.

We are coming up on 3 months into this long journey and it still feels like just yesterday, sometimes for me that she told me the news, and I still sometimes just shrug and wonder how? I can never begin to imagine or pretend that I know how she feels and what she or her immediate family goes through, because I have no idea, and I will never know what that raw emotional state is like. What I do know is this; she is the most inspirational, badass warrior that I have ever met. There will never be enough ways or words to express that to her and I will and do remind her of this as often as I possibly can.

She is always the positivity train. She sees the brightness in every. single. day! (even if the brightness is just that the sun is shining, that is something to be happy for). Each day is always a new day to her and that whatever happened the day before is over and done with, it is time to move on and change that mindset. She chooses to be happy and lets that dictate everything she does in that day. That alone is strength, because for me, once something bad happens I hold onto that and let that gear me into the world of "Today is crap" and well of course after that then every truly is crap. So, she is onto something with her positivity mindset. But when D-Day (diagnosis day) came, you would think that it would take you into a terrible scary place of uncertainty and anger and madness and whatever other possible emotions could exist that I don't know of... but not her.

Sure there were some negative emotions but it was truly an overwhelming amount of acceptance and positive vibes after D-Day. For real... I questioned just who the heck she was because as I was over here wallowing for her, she was smiling and being supportive of the rest of us telling the rest of us that everything was going to be fine. WHO THE HECK DOES THAT!?!?! It for sure should have been the other way around. She should have been wallowing and I should have been her positivity train, sorry for the train falling of the tracks there my friend.

Her positivity of this journey has never ever waivered. She is texting us constantly with uplifting quotes and stories and pictures all the time, uplifting her support group and making decisions to take time for herself and her family that, honestly, I don't think I could ever do myself if I was put into a similar situation at any time.

She is embracing ever aspect of this journey with strength and positivity which is beyond inspirational to me. She embraces her truly amazing wigs, and she also embraces her truly amazing lack of hair, hair or no hair she is beautiful beyond belief both inside and out. Her ability to stay absolutely positive each and every day is a strength I will never know but I hope I can aspire to have and I hope I can attempt to instill just a little of that into my own WonderWoman in Training.

My dear friend, I have been attempting to write this piece for days. I have multiple drafts and none of these seem "good enough" they don't live up to the amount of things I have to say about you but what I truly want you to know is that you are an inspiration to me, my kiddos, our friends and most importantly your family and also yourself and those to come after all of us. You are what keeps me going at work and at home and you are what pushes me to see the good in every single day. You have a strength that I will never have but I sure hope I can have just a shred of your strength if I ever need it.

October is for YOU.

We wear Pink for YOU.

We are YOUR Support Squad.

No One Fights Along.

Her Fight is Our Fight.




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