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Thanks for joining me!

Hi! I'm Becky, and the Mama in "Mama & her Homies". I've wanted to created a blog for awhile and I have started and stopped and started and stopped about a million times, but this time, it just felt like the "right" time, if that is really ever a true thing. I am going to dive in, so sink or swim time!

I hope that you find this blog to be something that you can relate to, I am by no means a professional of anything parenting related, nor will I EVER say or remotely even think that I am. But I am real, I make mistakes, but I get myself, husband and kids through every day. Somehow we always make it!

There will be huge wins, and huge challenges and I hope you enjoy being on this journey with my crazy chaotic little family, because all we will be doing is keepin' it real.

The "Homies": About

Meet Mama & her Homies

Mama & Homeboy

Hi! I'm Becky, you met me above and I am "Mama"! I am a Type 1 Diabetic with PCOS and the lucky Mama of the two sweet and sassy kiddos that are the star of this chaotic blog! Next to me in the photo is my dear, dear husband Shane, otherwise known as, "Homeboy". 

We have been together for 10 years, married for 8 years and we have two wonderful, chaotic, hilarious children; just wait you will meet them soon, and also get to know all of us very, very well as this blog goes on. 

Homeboy and I have moved to a few states throughout the midwest since we have been together but we found our way back to our wonderful home state of Wisconsin. Yes, we love ourselves some cheese, sausage (Johnsonville specifically) and all things Green Bay Packers! GO PACK GO! 

You're probably wondering why I keep referring to my husband as "homeboy", but our son Rhett has called him "homeboy" for as long as I can remember now, it is not too often that you will hear him called dad or even daddy. This is just the start of all the craziness with me and my homies. 

The "Homies": Welcome

Meet Mama and her Homies


This is my 3 year old son Rhett "Daddy's Homeboy" by day, and top secret super hero by night. If you're ever in trouble, he either put you there or he will come save you; it truly depends on the day, time, or his mood! 

Don't let that curly hair and those sweet, sweet dimples fool you, he is quite the independent little man and he sure knows how to hold his own in an argument, maybe that is some foreshadowing and he will be in a legal profession some day. 

We thought that Rhett kept us on our toes when it was just the three of us, we never knew that there could be a smaller, sassier version of him...

IMG_2705 2.jpg
The "Homies": Welcome

Meet Mama and her Homies


This is the sassier version of her brother, meet Evalie otherwise known as "Homegirl"! She is a one year old bundle of... well.. sass. 

We thought Rhett kept us on our toes but this little pint sized sassball is a whole new ball game! 

We are a walking, talking, screeching, single dimple, smiling, bow lovin' (Fancy Bee Bow Co. bows of course [code: Evalie10 saves at checkout]) toddler and we are lovin' every minute of it. 

The "Homies": Welcome

                       These are my Homies

The "Homies": About
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